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History & Company Profile

Founded in 2004, Compressed Air Corporation is dedicated to supporting and delivering a complete range of vacuum products, vacuum systems solutions, compression (low pressure) for special gases, and special engineered solutions for our customers in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Our factory trained and qualified distributors provide you with local sales and service support anytime in your country.

 CAC vacuum line of products are:

  • Liquid Ring vacuum pumps
  • Liquid ring compressors for air and special gases (explosive or non-explosive)
  • Dry or lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps
  • Liquid ring vacuum packaged systems (water, oil or solvente LR sealed)
  • Rotary vane vacuum and compressor packaged systems, dry or lubricated
  • Estandard NFPA99 Compliance Medical Vacuum Packages
  • Power generation vacuum systems, please visit www.dekkerpower.com
  • Estandard API 681 Petrochemical vacuum systems

CAC Services:

  • Technical assistance for monitoring, maintenance, assembly and installation of systems that involve any of the aforementioned product lines
  • State analysis and optimization of vacuum systems, compressed air and special gases networks. These services include the actual performance measurement of equipment for compressed air and vacuum, system demands, air and gas leak detection, consumption per machine and others
  • Efficient design for new air, gases and vacuum networks
  • Sizing for hospitals vacuum equipment
  • Development of basic and detailed engineering for projects involving the product line being offered
  • Training courses for technical maintenance, control and engineering personnel


Compressed Air Corporation provides efficient and reliable industrial solutions for vacuum, compressed air and special gases applications in Latin America and the Caribbean


By 2013 Compressed Air Corporation will be the leading distribution sales channel for vacuum, compressed air and special gas products throughout Latin America and the Caribbean through local strategic partnership with our customers. 

Founded in 2004 in USA, Compressed Air Corporation dedicates its operation in providing complete compressed air, vacuum and special gases industrial solutions for our customers in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Our close relationship with our qualified and trained representatives allow is to cover sales and technical service in any country in Latin America and Caribbean.