VMAX, Oil Liquid Ring Vacuum Systems

Oil sealed liquid ring systems with high reliability and energy efficiency.


General Product Information:

VMAX MTH: Methanol recovery systems, contact us for capacities and details.

VAMX VFD: Variable Frecuency Drive vacuum systems, save money during start-up (no inrush current) and operation. 

VMAX LT (Lite): Small foot print Oil-Sealed Vacuum packages.

VMAX Systems Advantages:

  • The only system on the market with a full 3-year warranty
  • Patented high-efficiency DX-5 and DX-7 separators eliminate oil carry over concerns
  • Sturdy bearing pedestal mounts to standard NEMA C-face motor
  • Rugged, high quality, industrial system offering years of trouble free operation
  • Extended life seal fluid is not used as a lubricant. Change interval is not critical resulting in a minimum of 10,000 hours of continuous operation
  • Direct drive at low speed (1750 RPM) eliminates the use of V-belts resulting in very low maintenance and zero downtime
  • Extremely low operating noise level makes this system desirable in today’s workplace
  • Continuous operation over the full vacuum range without overheating
  • Carry over of soft solids and/or minimal amounts of liquid does not cause damage to the internal parts of the pump
  • Air-cooled design is standard with water cooling available at no extra charge
  • Improved compact design
  • Now available with optional Variable Frequency Drive resulting in lower power consumption (See Link To VFD Page for additional information about Dekker’s VmaxVFD)
  • Dekker Vacuum supplies NFPA99 compliant medical packages with vacuum capabilities up to 29.5″ Hg
  • Systems are available in simplex, duplex and triplex configurations

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